Introduction to Tech in Finance

From the latest innovations to fintech firms, dive into the exciting world where finance meets technology. Discover how fintech is revolutionizing the way we handle money and explore the latest trends reshaping India's financial ecosystem.

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E01: Charting the Rise of Fintech in India
04 mins
Fintech in India is a game-changer, especially for the unbanked and underbanked population. Fintech has significantly impacted various sectors, like online payments, digital lending, and InsurTech. Government initiatives like Digital India and UPI have fostered an environment conducive to fintech growth. The Indian Fintech industry is expected to grow to $1.3 Trillion by 2025. Fintech offers a convenient and user-friendly alternative to traditional banking systems. Moreover, the fintech boom has created thousands of jobs and contributed significantly to India's economic growth.
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E02: Fintech Today How Far Have We Come
03 mins
India's fintech industry is experiencing explosive growth, with over 2,100 companies emerging in the last 5 years. The market, valued at $584 Billion, is projected to reach $1.5 Trillion by 2025! India ranks second globally in fintech adoption and digital payment transactions. Homegrown startups, including 21 unicorns valued at more than $70 Billion, are disrupting sectors like lending, wealth management, Insurtech, and neo-banking. Emerging technologies like Gen-AI, Machine Learning and IoT are set to further revolutionize the fintech space.
Frequently Asked Questions
Fintech has revolutionised various industries, including online payments, digital lending, investing, wealth management, and InsurTech (insurance technology). It has changed the way people in India handle financial transactions, obtain loans, make investments, and access insurance services.
The fintech sector has played a significant role in the economic advancement of India. The market is expected to reach $1.3 Trillion by 2025. The ongoing expansion of the fintech industry in India is expected to continue, driven by increasing digital usage and supportive government regulations.
India's fintech industry has been booming, with over 2,100 companies emerging in the last 5 years. The current market value is estimated to be over $584 Billion. There are 21 unicorns valued at over $70 Billion, driving innovation and growth in the Indian fintech space.
India is the second-ranked country in the world for fintech adoption, with consumers embracing fintech at an 87% rate, just behind China. In 2022, India achieved a remarkable milestone by registering 131 Billion UPI transactions valued at a record ₹199.89 Lakh Crores. This achievement is largely due to the extensive usage of UPI and mobile wallets in the country.
Over 10,000 fintech firms are currently registered in India. The growing demand for financial products and services is the main factor driving the expansion of fintech startups. Fintech companies leverage technology and offer financial products and services in a quick and convenient manner.
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